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We know you, you’ve been thinking about building an app for a while now, you want share your interests with the world, but you just don’t have enough time and even if you did, where would you start? If you only had a fast, easy way to bring this app to life. With Windows App Studio, you do!

Windows App Studio lets you swiftly build Windows and Windows Phone apps to test, publish, and share with clients, co-workers, friends, and family. Need to make changes or try variations? With App Studio it's a snap!

And when you're ready to try add advanced programming features, Windows App Studio generates your source code - a feature no other app-builder tool provides. There is no better day than today, so get started!

Boost your business

Business owners are using Windows App Studio to build their own apps to connect with customers and spread the word about their products and services. Check out how Holly used App Studio to build her own app for her business Integrative Mom.

Your app in 4 steps

  • 1 Have an idea Choose from templates covering sports teams, product catalogs, city guides or create your own..
  • 2 Add content Add images, videos and RSS feeds. The content you want featured is built in with just a few clicks.
  • 3 Choose style Choose color palettes and generate live tiles; splash and lock screens from your content.
  • 4 Use it! App Studio builds your app and provides source code which you can edit.


  • Get Started tips and tricks Discover the basics of app building with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Learn more
  • Support Get quick answers through the forum focused on Windows Phone App Studio. Learn more
  • Send us your feedback Help us improve Windows Phone App Studio. Submit your ideas, recommendations and vote for the next features of Windows Phone App Studio. Learn more
  • Materials for teachers Check out the 5-hour App Studio Curriculum at App Studio Education. Get your students building apps and extending them with code today!